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PureSport  Advanced Nutrition & Hydration

PureSport is a great tasting electrolyte, carbohydrate and protein performance drink, designed to enhance performance by reducing muscle soreness, improving muscle repair and increasing endurance. Drink PureSport Workout during and PureSport Recovery after strenuous athletic activity.

PureSport™ Nutritional Performance Sports Drinks with Protein: Human Performance Labs™ develops superior nutritional performance sports drinks with protein for athletes of all types, from world class professionals to club sport amateurs and weekend warriors. Created by Dr. John Ivy, renowned Chairman of Health and Kinesiology at the University of Texas at Austin, PureSport Workout and PureSport Recovery formulas (patent pending) nutritionally enhance the human body’s performance during and after strenuous athletic activity.

PureSport complies with and exceeds the specifications and guidelines of all worldwide sports governing bodies. PureSport is manufactured at Dallas, Texas-based Custom Nutrition Labs, and is certified quality and compliance assured by Informed-Sports. PureSport products are tested for WADA banned substances by HFL, the world’s largest sports drug surveillance and research laboratory, with more than 40 years of leadership in doping control in sport.

Latest News

  • PureSport Sponsors Kingy Tri

    PureSport Australia is the official hydration and nutrition partner for the Kingscliff Triathlon series. PureSport are proud to, yet again, be sponsoring the Kingscliff Triathlon series. PureSport are the official hydration and nutrition partner for the triathlon which takes place … Read more »

  • New Management

    PureSport Australia is officially under new management. In November 2013, Troy Breen took over the role as Director for PureSport Australia. The PureSport team are excited about this decision and enthused about where the business is heading. Read the full … Read more »

  • What's On?

    Check out the calendar below and visit the PureSport Australia facebook page to see what the PureSport team and/or our sponsored athletes are up to.


    01-02: Bribie Island Series
    01-02: Coffs Harbour Tri
    09: Toowoomba Series
    09: Get Biking/Get Running Just Tri It
    13-14: Australian Youth Tri Champs
    15: Samford Kids Tri Series
    15-16: Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival
    23: Twilight Running Festival
    23: Dalby Tri
    30: Kingscliff Tri
    30: Get Biking/Get Running Just Tri It


    06: Qld Sprint Distance State Champs
    11-12: Dirt n Dust Triathlon
    13: Luke Harrop Memorial Tri
    20: Roma Tri
    26-27: Trex-X Off-Road Tri Series