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When your life and the lives of others depend on your skills, alertness and decision-making ability, you need to be at the peak of your performance, both physically and mentally.

When you’re training hard for the harsh conditions you know you’ll face when deployed, your body requires optimal nutrition and hydration …

As you know, simply drinking water isn’t good enough. Your body just cannot absorb the liquid quickly enough. Plain water doesn’t have the essential electrolytes that your body needs.

PureSport’s products are specifically designed to provide readily available energy in the form of carbohydrates and essential electrolytes with longer-lasting energy in the form of protein.

PureSport can be easily carried as a concentrate or a powder for when you need it most.

Train Stronger


Training stronger for longer means you will be able to perform faster and better. To achieve this, you’re going to need sustained energy.

Carbohydrate-only supplements deliver a short-term energy spike which quickly wears off. This dramatic drop will leave you physically and mentally fatigued, which is dangerous if you must remain alert and vigilant at all times. Fatigue contributes to accidents and injuries and may provide a window of opportunity for enemy combatants.

PureSport Workout delivers energy to your body in the form of three carbohydrates – maltodextrin, dextrose and crystalline fructose. This energy is released quickly, maximising the usage of your body’s carbohydrate transporters from the gut to the bloodstream and ultimately the working muscles.

By delivering protein, in the form of whey protein isolate, the body stimulates the hormone glucagon which releases energy stores from fatty acids at a slow but steady rate, thereby conserving your valuable glycogen stores for when you need it most.

However for real endurance, studies show that your body also needs a slow-release form of energy. That’s why PureSport has added protein in the form of whey protein isolate. This protein acts like a reserve tank of fuel and stops your body from dipping into its muscle stores of glycogen. This “glycogen sparing effect” maximises your body’s energy stores for when you need it the most – surging forward and quick contact manoeuvres.

Research in a controlled, double-blind trial shows PureSport increases the “time to fatigue” by up to 35 per cent.  [ref. Ivy, J.L., Res, P.T., Sprague, R.C., and Widzer, M.O., “Effect of a Carbohydrate-Protein Supplement on Endurance Performance During Exercise of Varying Intensity”, Intl. J. of Sport Nutr. and Ex. Metab., 13:382-395, 2003.]


Maximum performance in the field requires agility, speed, focus and fitness. If your muscles are less than 100% fuelled, you cannot be performing at your peak. You need maximum glycogen stores in your muscles and liver at the start of the day to provide the reserves that you will be calling on for hours on end.

Using PureSport Workout before and during training will help minimise muscle breakdown and allow you to perform with speed and agility for the entire session. Unlike other sports drinks which rely on carbohydrates alone, you will not suffer the sugar “rush and crash”.

The protein in PureSport Workout is absorbed quickly by your body but released slowly. In the meantime, the three carbohydrates provide instant energy and the electrolytes ensure your nervous system continues to work at maximum efficiency. These electrolytes, including magnesium and potassium, will also help to reduce muscle cramping.

Using PureSport Recovery after speed and power training will help your body adapt to the training by providing protein (amino acids) directly to the affected muscles. This will ensure that the body maximises it’s adaptation to each session and will allow you to complete the optimal number of speed/agility sessions every week with faster and better recovery between sessions. Making PureSport a part of your training and recovery regime will help minimise muscle breakdown, enhance muscle repair and maximise your performance.


Hauling heavy loads, climbing, crawling and running all takes strength. And strength requires muscles in peak condition.

PureSport’s unique carbohydrate to protein ratio has been scientifically tested to enable you to sustain your power output during training and strenuous activity.

PureSport Workout delivers protein to your straining muscles providing your body with the necessary building blocks to allow them to best adapt to the training during the actual session. PureSport Recovery, which contains even more protein, will continue this process after a workout, during the “Recovery Zone,” to help your muscles to repair and grow stronger and more powerful before your next session.

Using PureSport Workout and Recovery as part of your regular training program will help you to achieve an optimal number of training sessions every week and perform at your peak while minimising muscle fatigue and soreness.

Recover Better

Muscle Fatigue

You can’t train properly if your muscles are tired. The PureSport performance program delivers a double-punch to help you avoid muscle fatigue during training and combat. This means you start your recovery from an improved state, allowing you to recover better and faster.

By delivering carbohydrates directly to your working muscles, PureSport Workout provides quick accessible energy, maximising the body’s transport system, ensuring your body’s stores of glycogen within your muscles and liver are always topped up.

The magnesium found in PureSport helps with protein synthesis, assisting to minimise muscle breakdown and maximise muscle adaptation and repair.

Muscle Repair

Muscles are stretched and damaged during workouts. It’s the muscle repair process which makes them stronger and better adapted to training so it’s essential that this repair gets off to a good start.

The whey protein isolate in PureSport is one of the highest quality protein sources available. Its ability to provide the correct amino acid profile helps maximise protein synthesis for the repair of skeletal muscle. Because of its solubility, the protein is absorbed rapidly by the body, far quicker than by eating a steak sandwich or chicken breast, a couple of common post-workout protein suggestions.

Unlike most sports hydration drinks, PureSport Workout and Recovery contain protein as well as magnesium to assist with the muscle rebuilding process.

The mineral, Magnesium is used by every cell of your body and helps to keep bones strong and the nervous system functioning properly. It is critical as it helps the body to make the proteins which are important for muscular growth and repair. Magnesium is one of the electrolytes lost in sweat and it must be replaced.

Per serve, PureSport Workout contains 67mg of magnesium (35% of the RDA) and PureSport Recovery contains 136mg (70% of the RDA) to help kick start this muscle repair process.


After a long day of training, your body needs more than just rest and relaxation, it needs fuel to repair and restock the reserves called upon all day.

The high quality carbohydrates in PureSport – dextrose, maltodextrin and crystalline fructose – will help replenish energy stores quickly but more than just carbohydrates are needed. That’s why PureSport contains a mix of essential electrolytes to replace those lost through perspiration, protein and a top-up dose of Vitamin C.

The PureSport two-part performance program provides a scientifically formulated ratio of whey protein isolate, rich in amino acids, providing the building blocks to encourage quick muscle recovery and adaptation.

When your body is properly refuelled it will repair quicker, adapt better and allow you to perform stronger for longer.


Supplement Benefits

The PureSport two-part nutritional program is scientifically formulated to provide readily available energy in the form of carbohydrates and essential electrolytes with longer-lasting energy in the form of protein.

Listed below are a few of the supplement benefits you can find in PureSport products.

Protein – whey protein isolate

The presence of readily available protein stimulates the release of the hormone glucagon and allows the body to more easily make use of fatty acids as an energy source, sparing glycogen. Whey protein isolate is recognised worldwide as one of the highest protein sources available to provide the correct amino acid profile to maximise human protein synthesis.

Carbohydrate – Dextrose, Maltodextrin & Crystalline Fructose

PureSport Workout and Recovery contain three different types of carbohydrates because the human body has three different carbohydrate transporters from the gut to the blood supply. This has the potential of tripling the uptake of carbohydrates.

Vitamin C

Multiple studies have found blood and plasma levels of Vitamin C to be less in people who exercise regularly. PureSport Workout contains 110% RDA and PureSport Recovery 520% RDA to address these deficiencies (based on a 2000 calorie diet).

Ref. Keith, R.E. Ascorbic Acid. In: Sports Nutrition Vitamins and Trace Minerals. Edited by Ira Wolinsky and Judy A. Driskell. New York: CRC Press, 1997, p. 29-45119-131.


Magnesium supplementation has been shown to improve cellular metabolism in those doing vigorous exercise. Magnesium also plays an important role in protein synthesis and the creation of creatine phosphate in the human body. It has also been linked to the prevention of muscle cramps and spasms. Other studies show magnesium is very important in cardiac function.  PureSport Workout contains 35% and PureSport Recovery 70% RDA (based on a 2000 calorie diet)

Ref. S. Golf, et al., Is magnesium a limiting factor in competitive exercise? A summary of relevant scientific data. In Magnesium (London: John Libbey & Company, 1993), pp. 209-220.


As well as magnesium sulphate, listed above, PureSport Workout and Recovery also contain the essential electrolytes monopotassium phosphate and sodium chloride which are lost through heavy sweating. These electrolytes are essential for the human nervous system to function correctly, for muscle activity and alertness.