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Safety first is a priority. We all have a commitment to workplace health and safety. But it is almost impossible to guarantee safety if your employees are tired, both physically and mentally.

It is especially hard if they are working in a challenging environment. Hot and physically demanding working conditions take their toll on mental alertness and stamina. Dehydration is one of the major causes of fatigue. Combine this with the depletion in muscle glycogen from heavy work and workplace safety will be compromised.

Both employers and employees have a responsibility to ensure that workplaces are safe but employers have the added incentive of encouraging maximum efficiency.

Find out how PureSport can help keep employees stay alert, hydrated and safe in the workplace.

Replenish Energy

Sustained Energy

PureSport Workout should be given to employees in any job situation that requires a sustained output of energy and /or acute concentration levels. Not only will it ensure normal hydration in fatiguing situations but its optimal carbohydrate to protein ratio will ensure energy levels will be increased.

PureSport provides quickly available energy in the form of three carbohydrates as well as protein for longer-lasting energy, just what you need if your employees who are working in a hot or cold environment.

Carbohydrate-only supplements deliver a short-term energy spike which quickly wears off. This dramatic drop can leave you physically and mentally fatigued, which is dangerous if you must remain alert and vigilant at all times. Fatigue contributes to accidents and injuries and may put employees at risk.

Optimal performance requires proper nutrition and hydration. PureSport Workout will help to ensure that employees are adequately hydrated at the start of their shifts so they are able to maintain a long period of exertion without depleting their muscle energy stores.

Dehydration can also be a major issue in the workplace. Workers can become dehydrated quickly, especially if working outdoors on either hot or cold days. However office workers can also suffer dehydration with a slump in alertness and productivity if they are work all day in an air-conditioned environment.

PureSport Workout delivers energy to your body in the form of three carbohydrates – maltodextrin, dextrose and crystalline fructose. This energy is released quickly, maximising the usage of your body’s carbohydrate transporters from the gut to the bloodstream. The whey protein isolate found in PureSport acts like a reserve tank of fuel for when you need it the most. More energy means more output, increased alertness and safer employees.


Tough jobs such as lifting, climbing and working heavy machinery all require strength and strength requires muscles in peak condition. Minimising muscle soreness, enhancing muscle repair and encouraging a faster muscle recovery time is key in maximising strength.

PureSport’s unique carbohydrate to protein ratio has been scientifically tested to enable you to sustain your power output during strenuous activity. It delivers protein to your straining muscles providing your body with the necessary building blocks to allow them to best adapt during physical activity.

PureSport Workout at the start of a tough day will help to maximise vital glycogen stores in the muscles and liver and provide the reserves they will call upon throughout the day.

Maintain Concentration

Mental Performance

You may be tempted to use high sugar drinks to top up your energy, especially those laced with caffeine. However, be warned, these only deliver a short-term energy spike which will quickly wear off leaving you struggling to stay alert during the “sugar crash”.

Physically tired and mentally fatigued employees are not only a danger to themselves but also fellow colleagues. Concentration, keen judgment and mental agility are necessary for a safe working environment, especially in stressful and potentially dangerous occupations such as steel-making, building and construction, and mining where critical decision-making skills could mean the difference between life and death. The protein found in PureSport helps to promote mental acuity by smoothing out the highs and lows, often found in carbohydrate-only supplements.

PureSport will also keep your employees adequately hydrated, especially in physically strenuous, hot or cold working environments. Dehydration can be a major cause of impaired thinking. Did you know the human brain is approximately 80 per cent water? The brain requires a very narrow range of hydration to remain working at its peak. [ref: McIlwain, H. and Bachelard, H.S., Biochemistry and the Central Nervous System, Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 1985]

Protein combined with a proven ratio of complex sugars such as maltodextrin and dextrose, evens out the sugar rush / crash cycle and ensures a ready supply of energy is always available on tap, ensuring that employees are well hydrated and alert for the job.


PureSport provides the necessary “fuel” to keep your employees performing at their peak all day, both physically and mentally.

The high quality carbohydrates in PureSport – dextrose, maltodextrin and crystalline fructose – will help replenish energy stores quickly but more than just carbohydrates are needed. That’s why PureSport contains a mix of essential electrolytes to replace those lost through perspiration, protein and a top-up dose of Vitamin C.


There is no chalky or milky after-taste like many other rehydration products on the market. PureSport Workout and Recovery dissolve rapidly in water and are available in four great flavours – Banana Berry, Fruit Punch, Grape and Lemon Lime.

They all taste great and are very “drinkable” which will encourage you to stay hydrated throughout your shift. And as an added bonus they are also lactose, caffeine and gluten-free.


Product Usage

The information below details the amount of PureSport Workout recommended per hour of strenuous activity, according to the intensity of your activity.

For best results, PureSport Workout should be consumed chilled in the hour before you start any strenuous activity and then periodically during the activity. It is important to remember to also drink water throughout the day, especially when working in particularly hot or cold climates. Environmental conditions should also be considered as exercise intensity will increase with increased temperature and humidity.

Moderate intensity

Consume 1 serve of PureSport Workout in 500ml of chilled water per hour of strenuous activity.

Heavy intensity

Consume 1-2 serve of PureSport Workout in 750ml of chilled water per hour of strenuous activity.