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Every sportsperson has a common goal, to perform at their personal best on competition day.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Olympic athlete, a competitive age group triathlete, or playing for your local club, the recipe for success is the same: train, recover, adapt and train again to improve strength, speed, agility and endurance.

Most athletes know that nutrition has an impact on their training and performance. Keeping up an adequate energy supply and staying hydrated is critical to performing at your best.

PureSport’s two-part nutritional program is scientifically formulated to help sportspeople stay well hydrated, replacing lost fluids and electrolytes as well as supplying carbohydrates and protein for sustained energy, decreased muscle damage and improving muscle repair.

Train Stronger


Training stronger for longer means you will be able to compete faster and better. To achieve this, you’re going to need sustained energy.

PureSport Workout delivers energy to your body in the form of three carbohydrates – maltodextrin, dextrose and crystalline fructose. This energy is released quickly, maximising the usage of your body’s carbohydrate transporters from the gut to the bloodstream and ultimately the working muscles.

However for real endurance, studies show that your body also needs a slow-release form of energy. That’s why PureSport has added protein in the form of whey protein isolate. This protein acts like a reserve tank of fuel and stops your body from dipping into its muscle stores of glycogen.  This “glycogen sparing effect” maximises your body’s energy stores for when you need it the most – surging, breaking away and finishing strong.

Research has shown that PureSport’s performance-tested 2.67:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio can dramatically increase the “time to exhaustion” in athletes. [Ref: Dr John Ivy. The Effect of Low Carbohydrate-Moderate Protein Beverage on Endurance Performance, 7 May 2009]


Using PureSport Workout before and during training will help minimise muscle breakdown and allow you to perform with speed and agility for the entire session. Unlike other sports drinks which rely on carbohydrates alone, you will not suffer the sugar “rush and crash”.

The protein in PureSport Workout is absorbed quickly by your body but released slowly. In the meantime, the three carbohydrates provide instant energy and the electrolytes ensure your nervous system continues to work at maximum efficiency. These electrolytes, including magnesium and potassium, will also help to reduce muscle cramping, which can become a serious issue on game day.

Another real benefit to your speed will come from using the PureSport during training. Using PureSport Recovery after speed and power training will help your body adapt to the training by providing protein (amino acids) directly to the affected muscles. This will ensure that the body maximises it’s adaptation to each session and will allow you to complete the optimal number of speed sessions every week with faster and better recovery between sessions.


PureSport’s unique carbohydrate to protein ratio has been scientifically tested to enable you to sustain your power output during training as well as during your race, game or match.

PureSport Workout delivers protein to your straining muscles providing your body with the necessary building blocks to allow them to best adapt to the training during the actual session. PureSport Recovery, which contains even more protein, will continue this process after training, during the “Recovery Zone,” to help your muscles to repair and grow stronger and more powerful before your next session.

Using PureSport Workout and Recovery as part of your regular training program will help you to achieve an optimal number of training sessions every week without suffering from unnecessary muscle fatigue and soreness. You can wake up the next day feeling better than ever and eager to get back into training.

Recover Better

Muscle Fatigue

The PureSport nutritional program delivers a double-punch to help you avoid muscle fatigue during training and on race or match day. This means you start your recovery from a less broken down state, allowing you to recover better and faster.

By delivering carbohydrates directly to your working muscles, PureSport Workout provides quick accessible energy by maximising the body’s transporter system ensuring your body’s stores of glycogen within your muscles and liver are always topped up.

By delivering protein, in the form of whey protein isolate, the body stimulates the hormone glucagon which releases energy stores from fatty acids at a slow but steady rate, thereby conserving your valuable glycogen stores for when you need it most.

By delivering magnesium, PureSport helps with protein synthesis, assisting to minimise muscle breakdown and maximise muscle adaptation and repair.

Muscle Repair

Unlike most sports hydration drinks, PureSport Workout and Recovery contain protein as well as magnesium to assist with the muscle rebuilding process.

The whey protein isolate in PureSport is one of the highest quality protein sources available. Its ability to provide the correct amino acid profile helps maximise protein synthesis for the repair of skeletal muscle. Because of its solubility, the protein is absorbed rapidly by the body, far quicker than by eating a steak sandwich or chicken breast, a couple of common post-workout protein suggestions.

The mineral, magnesium is used by every cell of your body and helps to keep bones strong and the nervous system functioning properly. It is critical as it helps the body to make the proteins which are important for muscular growth and repair. Magnesium is one of the electrolytes lost in sweat and it must be replaced.

Per serve, PureSport Workout contains 67mg of magnesium (35% of the RDA) and PureSport Recovery contains 136mg (70% of the RDA) to help kick start this muscle repair process.


After a tough match or training session, your body needs fuel and nourishment.

The high quality carbohydrates in PureSport – dextrose, maltodextrin and crystalline fructose – will help replenish energy stores quickly but more than just carbohydrates are needed.

That’s why PureSport contains a mix of essential electrolytes to replace those lost through perspiration and a top-up dose of Vitamin C.

The PureSport two-part nutritional program also provides a scientifically formulated ratio of whey protein isolate, rich in amino acids, providing the building blocks to encourage quick muscle recovery and adaptation.

When your body is properly refuelled it will repair quicker, adapt better and allow you to perform stronger for longer.

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