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Swimmers are used to starting each day early, completing hundreds of kilometres a year, with the black line and the latest band in their head as their only companion. Then it’s usually off to work or school and sadly, it’s not unusual for swimmers to feel drowsy after training and for some to suffer mid-afternoon headaches. Naturally school or work performance can suffer.

The PureSport two-part nutrition program can help swimmers manage the many factors that contribute to this, maximising your performance whether it’s in the pool, in the work place or in the classroom.

PureSport Workout delivers quick accessible fuel in the form of carbohydrates and protein, directly to your muscles at the fastest rate possible, as well as important fluids and electrolytes for adequate hydration, helping to keep you alert and on task.

After you finish PureSport Recovery will help your muscles recover better and faster enabling you to optimise the results of your hard training and back up for the next session’s effort.

Improve Performance

Professional Advice

We asked a number of sports professionals about improving performance in athletes. We focused on a few key areas which can be seen below.

Key questions

  1. Describe how important fluid replacement is for you and/or your athletes during training and racing/match?
  2. Strength building – gym vs other sport specific resistance work?
  3. An example of your favourite training session?
  4. One tip to help an athlete prepare for a major race/race?
  5. When considering recovery for you or your athletes what is the major focus?


Click here for professional advice relating to these key questions.

Tried & Tested


Many athletes have included PureSport Workout and Recovery as an essential part of their training routine.

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Usage Protocol

PureSport Usage Protocol

Each person is different, therefore these individual differences should be taken into consideration and all recommendations should be tested in training before using in a race, to determine exactly what combination works best for the athlete.

Click on the link below to view swimming usuage protocols:

Usage Protocol – Marathon Swimming


Useful Info

Useful Information

We came across a few sites you may find useful. Explore the links below to find information relating to your sports group.



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