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MND – Going the Distance

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By Glenn Day

On October 11 2014, I will be competing in the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii along with 2,000 athletes from over the globe. The triathlon covers a distance of 226.3 kilometres combining swimming, riding and running.

For many triathletes this is a once in a lifetime event. The qualifying process is ultra-competitive and the training regime does not lend itself to a normal social life. I openly admit there is some madness in what we put ourselves through to compete.

I first started using PureSport in mid-2012, whilst I was attending a training camp it was the sports drink supplied. From that day I have used PureSport ever since, I found I was able to back up my double session days (4-5 days a week) feeling not as fatigued or sore as I was with previous sports drinks.

I use Workout before and during my training sessions, this provides the sustainable energy for the session. Always post session I drink Recovery, the names says’ it all, it really helps with recovery, ready for the next session. Not only I do use PureSport for training, but a great fuel for pre- Carbo loading but racing. I love the Banana Berry favor.

I consider myself very fortunate and I am extremely grateful that I can fulfil my dream by competing in this race. There are countless people in our society who never get the opportunity participate in events such as these due to having debilitating diseases.

I would like to use this race as a platform to raise awareness and funds to help families impacted by Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and have selected the MND and Me Foundation as my charity to support. I know from my experience that the primary carer gets very little respite if not for organisations like MND and Me.

I recently met a relative of my wife, Jim who had Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Jim’s wife Ruth was with him pretty much 24 hours per day for the last 3 years. Due to Jim’s condition and his need for care she had very little chance for a break. I also have a great mate who lost a parent to this debilitating disease.

MND is a fatal disease affects approximately 1,900 Australians and 350 Queenslanders. In 2011, there were 790 MND related deaths in Australia. That equates to one death every 11 hours. A cure is yet to be found, there is no effective treatment and it can strike anyone at any time. The average life expectancy of MND is 27 months.

I am helping organise a charity lunch for MND & Me Foundation. This is one of a series of initiatives for me to raise funds in the lead-up to Kona. We have secured Sharn McNeill as a keynote speaker, a major coup. You might have seen the recent TV programme or the promo’s that Channel Seven did for Sunday Night which featured Sharn completing an Ironman with her mate Craig Gruber to help out. Here is a short clip

This will be a highly motivating occasion and will have a very positive vibe. I expect it will sell-out quite quickly, I would suggest booking sooner than later.

MND Lunch Invite