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PureSportâ„¢ Workout and Recovery nutritional performance sports drinks were developed by Dr. John Ivy, chairman of Kinesiology and Health Education at The University of Texas in Austin. Dr. John Ivy has focused his research on the acute and chronic effects of exercise on muscle metabolism, with special emphasis on carbohydrate regulation.

Dr. Ivy is a University of Texas faculty member, a fellow and former Ambassador for the American College of Sports Medicine, a Fellow in the American Academy of Kinesiology, and a member of the American Physiological Society, and American Diabetes Association. Dr. Ivy has served or is currently serving on numerous editorial boards including the American Journal of Physiology, International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, and has published over one hundred and fifty peer-reviewed research and review articles.

Dr. Ivy has published two books on sports nutrition, Nutrient Timing and The Performance Zone, which uses the latest research to provide nutritional guidelines for athletes.

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Why two drinks – PureSport Workout and PureSport Recovery?
Why are dextrose, maltodextrin, and crystalline fructose in PureSport? Arent those just sugars?

PureSport in Australia & New Zealand

In 2010, we officially launched PureSport into selected sports markets within the Australia. Since then, PureSport has become widely used within a number of sports. Many athletes and sports groups are now experiencing the benefits of using PureSport Workout and Recovery products. Athletes have seen incredible results and improvements in training and competition. Many athletes and clubs who use PureSport have won State and National titles, achieved personal bests and won age group races. The testimonials we continually receive confirm the extent to which PureSport has enabled sports people to train stronger, recover better and race faster.

PureSport is available from specialist retailers in Australia as well as online.