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    • PureSport™ Workout

      PureSport Workout assists in preparing the human body for strenuous athletic activity by delivering a beneficial and nutritious balance of carbohydrates, protein/amino acids and electrolytes. When used prior to and during vigorous exercise, PureSport Workout dramatically enhances exercise resulting in improved endurance and reduced muscle tissue damage.

      PureSport Workout replaces lost fluids and electrolytes, restores fuel during exercise for more energy and improved performance, and enhances recovery with added protein. The unique mix of carbohydrate and protein promotes better fuel utilization as well as reduces muscle damage. This nutritional mix also enhances fluid retention and rehydration better than carbohydrate alone. The blend of carbohydrates found in PureSport Workout works faster and more efficiently getting fuel to your muscles and yet contains much less sugar than many traditional sports drinks.

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    • PureSport™ Recovery

      PureSport Recovery helps your body get into the recovery zone quickly and accelerates the ability to rebound from demanding athletic activity. It promotes recovery after exercise by accelerating the replacement and storage of muscle fuel. The added protein reduces muscle damage, speeds the storage of muscle glycogen and promotes muscle repair. Supplying electrolytes and lost fluids rehydrates and prepares you to get back out there so you can train hard day after day.

      Taken within 15 minutes after intense physical activity, the protein and carbohydrate mix advances muscle recovery and increases fuel storage greater than carbohydrate alone. The PureSport Recovery nutritional system gives you the edge with faster training adaptation.

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